Play Therapy

img_0055Play Therapy

Play Therapy, for me, is the creation of a safe and open space, where a real and authentic relationship can be developed with the child. Through sensory and symbolic play this relationship provides a safe space where the child can wrestle with fears, bring a voice to unspoken thoughts, feelings can be experimented with, and experiences explored. The intention, within this safe and therapeutic relationship, is to extend the child’s awareness of themselves, who they are, why they feel the way they feel, how they experience significant attachments and relationships, and their view of the world around them. The hope is that this exploration will create opportunities for both acceptance, healing and change.

I am a non-directive play therapist, which basically means that I enable the child to take the lead in how each session and the overall therapy process evolves. Along this journey I simply strive to hold a safe and permissive space; to observe, reflect and interact within the child’s play; and providing an anchor as we travel together.

Each child is uniquely different and I will therefore adapt my techniques and space to meet their needs. I mainly work with children aged 3-12 years. However, in some circumstances I will work with children younger than 3 years, or young adults aged 13-18 years.

The play therapy space I provide makes use of both the indoors and outdoors. To learn more about outdoor play therapy please click here.

Referral Process

As part of the referral process I will have an initial meeting with parent/carers and an initial session with the client. Confidentiality at this stage will be explained and paperwork provided for signature.  I prefer to have six sessions with the client in order to determine whether play therapy is the most suitable form of support for the client. At the end of the six sessions I will either continue in play therapy or recommend to the parent/carers a more suitable service.

  • £45-£65 per session (sliding scale).
  • Reports, administration and meeting costs dependent on the needs of the client.

Please email for further information. Or download my referral form PT-Referral and email back to me.