Teaching, Training and Well-being Consultations


As well as being a therapist, I also Teach Play Therapy to undergraduate psychology students, provide Training for Early Years Practitioners, Children’s Workers and Teachers, and offer Well-Being Consultations Groups for practitioners.


I have increasingly found when working collaboratively with both families and professionals as a Play Therapist, that the theory and skills I use can help children far beyond the four walls (or four trees) of the therapeutic space. I have discovered that although Play Therapy is a unique space which cannot be recreated in a classroom or home setting, there are elements to my practice, core principles and methods to my work, that are transferable and helpful to all involved in the lives of children. Whether you are a parent or a practitioner it seems that the way I practice, the way I view the child, my use of empathy, and how I observe / reflect and mirror children’s emotions, seem to be all valuable skills that when understood can be implemented within the daily routines of family and professional settings.

My Training Includes:

  • The Theory behind Play and Play Therapy
  • Our wonderful Brains and Biochemistry.
  • Recognising the emotional needs in ourselves, our bodies, our feelings, and resulting emotional expressions.
  • Recognising the emotional needs in children. Children’s feelings and the way they express them. Fight, Flight, Freeze.
  • The 8 key principles to empathic guidance.
  • Exploration of Case Studies.
  • Key strategies that can be introduced in the child care setting.

I always aim to make my training sessions fun, with lots of movement and games as well as theory and methods. Here is what people have said after my training.

Well-Being Consultations Groups

I also provide what I call Well-being Consultation Groups, in response to the need for early years practitioners and teachers to have a space that not only discusses the needs of the child and working on ways to improve practice, but also includes the needs / well-being of the practitioner. The implications of working on a continual basis with emotional energy and using empathy has been well documented.  Vicarious trauma, secondary trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout are just some of the terms used to describe these effects. I therefore offer an opportunity for practitioners to explore one-to-one or in groups their experiences within the work place, and ways that promotes the well-being both of the child and the practitioner.


  • Training £150 per hour plus travel expenses.
  • Consultancy  £60 Individual per session / £80 Group per session

If you are interested in training or consultancy work in your setting please email.