An Integrated Approach to People & Planetary Health

 Therapy combining the well-being benefits of a therapeutic relationship with outdoor activities

Education on building a healthier and sustainable future

Research on nature, mental health, and pro-environmental behaviour

Bare feet spattered with paint standing on leaf-strewn grass

Providing therapy for all ages, families, couples and groups. EarthUncovered aims to build a safe therapeutic space for you to explore the ups and downs of life, with nature as your best teacher. And to gain insight and strategies that ensure resilience long after therapy has ended.

EarthUncovered provides education / workshops on a range of subjects focussed on people and planetary health. Clients include universities, colleges, schools and charities from the wildlife conservation and social care sector, bespoke courses are also available.

Research at Earthuncovered sees itself as part of a growing hub of groups and individuals problem solving how our physical and emotional needs can coexist with other species, and whether we can effectively live within the boundaries of our planets ecosystem.