“Humans are disappearing from the outdoors at a rate that would make them top any conservationist’s list of endangered species” Tim Gill, The Ecologist

EarthUncovered provides education and continual professional development training on a range of subjects focussed on people and planetary health.

Clients include universities, colleges, school, charities, conservation organisations, the social care sector and the general public.

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Therapy in the Outdoors

Teachings, reflections and activities exploring how to take one to one therapy practice outdoors. Teaching includes Theories, Methods and Case Studies based on multi-disciplinary approaches. Opportunities to reflect on how to individualise these approaches to your practice to include practical topics such as health and safety.

Conservation Psychology

Conservation Psychology is the study of human care for and value of nature, and the impact our behaviours have on the non-human world. The goal is to discover ways we can create a harmonious relationship between person and planetary health, establish environmental ethics, and create durable individual and collective behaviour change.

Mental Health Benefits of Adventure, Outdoor and Nature based Activities

Have you ever wanted to know what are the mental health benefits of outdoor/nature based activities, whether different environments/activities have distinct benefits, do urban settings have a role, and critiques. Training includes all this plus opportunities to reflect as an individual or organisation on how to bring the outdoors in.

Behavioural Insights for Conservation & Environmental Management

Drawing from the behavioural sciences, psychology, and marketing strategies, we will explore together as organisations or individual professionals within the conservation and environment sector, how to best design and tailor marketing and behaviour change strategies to ensure durable and lasting difference.

Trauma Informed Practice: For the Education & Social / Therapy Sector

Based on Trauma Informed’s key principles: Safety, Trustworthiness, Choice, Collaboration, and Empowerment. Earthuncovered works with the education, social, and therapy sector to develop methods that focus on the impact of trauma on the social/emotional/physical development of individuals, groups, or organisations.

Trauma Informed Practice: For the Wildlife Conservation and Environment Sector

Informed by the principles of Safety, Trustworthiness, Choice, Collaboration, and Empowerment. Earthuncovered works with the conservation/environmental sectors to capitalise on the mental health benefits nature and the outdoors, whilst addressing the individual and collective trauma of environmental degradation.

Managing Your Mental Health as an Artist

These workshops will explore together why the ‘troubled artist’ is such a popular stereotype, questions why suffering is romanticised as a ticket to a higher form of creativity, and whether this is accurate or helpful. In addition, we will explore the emotional impact of making art and the demands of the art sector can have on our mental health.

Overcoming Artistic Mental Blocks

Welcome Creatives! Have you ever wondered why we get artistic blocks and whether there are ways we can navigate around them. Within these workshops we will hold a safe space to look together at what we know and understand of the creative process, and find new inspirational tools for our creative toolbox. 

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