Connectivity in 2020

by | Dec 30, 2020 | 0 comments

As I celebrated my birthday on the Solstice, whilst hurtling towards 2021, I paused to reflect on what intention I would set for the year ahead.

Intentions for me are subjects I set my awareness upon. For example, for 2020 I set my intention on the value of CONNECTIVITY, friends & community, by practicing mindfull awareness of those I am connected to, forming new connections, and moving into community to deepen this practice.

What I became mindful of as the COVID pandemic swept across our globe, restricting our access to our connective frameworks, is the importance of the other. Knowing we are not alone but connected securely to others increases resilience in the face of adversity. As Dr Daniel Siegel puts it the Me needs the We making MWe. However, an appreciation of connectivity is not just because it benefits our individual mental health. As we nurture, like I did, our connections with friends and community, we also begin to nurture an awareness of our connectivity with our outer world. An awareness that produces an appreciation and compassion for each other and our planet, leading to behaviours that benefit the collective whole.

As I set my intention for 2021 I am now drawn to exploring COMPASSION. I wonder where this rabbit hole will lead.


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